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BERUBE "Marie" Delina 1852-1911

19th/20th Century - "Marie" Delina Berube was the daughter of Joseph Berube and Christine Miville dit Deschenes. She was baptized with the name Marie Delina Berube on 30 Jan, 1852 in Sainte-Luce, Quebec, Canada but is later documented as only going by "Marie" as her first name. On 7 Aug, 1871, "Marie" married Pierre Levesque 1850-1913 in St-Donat-de-Montcalm, Quebec, Canada. A descendent of Robert Levesque 1642-1699 and Jeanne Marguerite Chevalier through their son Francois Robert 1680-1765 she was buried on 1 Mar, 1911 in St-Donat-de-Montcalm, Quebec, Canada. Her children include: Marie Georgina Levesque 1872-1900, Francois Simeon Levesque 1879-1963.

Notable Ancestors:

Robert Levesque 1642-1699, Jeanne Marguerite Chevalier, Francois Robert Levesque 1680-1765

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